Influencer Ashmusy Faces Dilemma After Mistakenly Sending N1M Instead of N100K in Giveaway

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Popular influencer Ashmusy found herself in a predicament after mistakenly transferring N1 million instead of N100K to a fan during a giveaway.

Taking to her social media platform, Ashmusy shared a screenshot of the transaction receipt, expressing her distress over the error. She explained that while attempting to credit the fan with N100K, she made the mistake of adding extra zeros to the amount while multitasking behind the wheel.

Despite reaching out to the fan via direct message, Ashmusy revealed that she received no response, heightening her anxiety over the situation.

Her post read:

“Jesus ooooo I mistakenly sent 1m to the last winner, I was driving and typing and rushing I don send am dm, hope he or she replies ewoo The person never reply my dm o”

In response to the incident, social media users shared mixed reactions. Some expressed disbelief at the mistake, while others questioned Ashmusy’s financial status and authenticity:

shantelbaby_ commented: “How you take transfer 1M instead of 100k the story no clear😂”

official_dtwinz07 wrote: “Dey play . Nobi u say u dey make 5M daily 😂 what’s 1M to you”

olu_herodotus remarked: “So you mistakenly sent about 700$ to someone and you entered panic mode. But u guys can come on podcast and say things like 5MILLION NAIRA IS NOTHING TO YOU Fake life ti baye yin je 🙄🙄🙄”

honnymontanastore commented: “Because she dey make 5m daily make she dash person wey come from nowhere 1m .. some people talk like they think with their behind.”

The incident sparked a flurry of reactions online, highlighting the complexities of managing digital transactions and public image in the influencer sphere.

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