Kaduna State Government Refrains from Responding to Criticism from El-Rufai’s Son Directed at Governor Sani

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By Daniel Edu

The Kaduna State Government has opted not to engage with the recent criticisms leveled by Bashir El-Rufai, son of former Governor Nasir El-Rufai, against Governor Uba Sani.

Governor Sani had expressed concerns over the significant debt burden inherited from his predecessor during a town hall meeting held in Kaduna on Saturday. He highlighted the challenges posed by the $587 million (N85 billion) debt and 115 contractual obligations left behind, citing these as hindrances to meeting salary obligations to state workers.

In response, Bashir El-Rufai took to social media, alleging contract inflation and foreign exchange speculation by Governor Sani, while dismissing the debt as an excuse for poor governance. El-Rufai further criticized Sani for what he perceived as an absence from the state, preferring to operate from Abuja and surrounding himself with incompetent aides chosen for political reasons.

Mohammed Shehu, spokesperson for Governor Sani, clarified that the government would not engage in a back-and-forth with El-Rufai’s son, deeming it unworthy of dignifying. Shehu emphasized the governor’s commitment to addressing the state’s financial challenges and focusing on the substantial tasks ahead, rather than being drawn into trivial disputes.

“The challenges facing us are significant, and we are focused on addressing them. Governor Uba Sani has accurately presented the state’s financial reality,” stated Shehu in response to the criticisms.

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