Kano State Governor Called Upon To Investigate Sub-standard Classrooms Rehabilitation

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By Jabiru Hassan, Kano.

Dungurawa Community called on the Kano state government to investigate a roofing works that was done by a contractor at the Town’s primary school with needs urgent intervention.

Our correspondent who visited the block where the roofing was done gathered that the rafter of the roofing was made with very low quality wood cut from a light tree which may become a threat to the pupils especially at this rainy season period.

Furthermore, a report on the matter was sent to the state universal education board (SUBEB) before the roofing but nothing was done to stop the contractor from roofing the classroom block despite the discovery of using very low quality woods during roofings.

A source told Daybreak News that the contractor is also the person handling the rehabilitation of Zaura, Karas, Bagga and Dungurawa Primary schools which is alleged to be the same mode of works.

In conclusion, the parents and guardians called on the executive governor of Kano state to investigate how the roofing was made for the safety of their kids under the roofs.

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