Kizz Daniel Drops Two New Singles: “Twe Twe” and “Too Busy To Be Bae”

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By  Milcah   Tanimu

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Kizz Daniel, surprises fans with the release of two fresh singles, “Twe Twe” and “Too Busy To Be Bae.” Produced by Killertunes and Blaise Beatz, “Twe Twe” offers a unique musical experience, while “Too Busy To Be Bae,” produced by P.Priime, showcases Kizz Daniel’s versatility. The announcement of these new releases has created excitement among music enthusiasts.

1. **Artist:** Kizz Daniel, renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter.
2. **New Singles:**
– **”Twe Twe”:** Produced by Killertunes and Blaise Beatz.
– **”Too Busy To Be Bae”:** Produced by P.Priime.
3. **Production Details:** The singles feature distinct production styles, with “Twe Twe” showcasing Killertunes and Blaise Beatz’s collaboration, and “Too Busy To Be Bae” produced by P.Priime.
4. **Release Date:** The announcement was made recently, sparking anticipation and enthusiasm among fans.
Kizz Daniel continues to captivate his audience with the surprise release of two new singles, “Twe Twe” and “Too Busy To Be Bae.” The artist’s ability to explore different musical styles and collaborate with notable producers adds to the excitement surrounding these latest additions to his discography. Music enthusiasts are eager to delve into the unique sounds and lyrical content offered by these new releases.

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