The Youngest Scorers in Champions League History: A Look at Record Holders and Potential Challengers

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By  Milcah  Tanimu

The UEFA Champions League has witnessed the rise of young talents who make their mark on the grand stage. Ansu Fati, at 17 years and 40 days old, held the record for the youngest scorer for 22 years until Antonio Nusa (17 years, 149 days) scored for FC Porto in September 2022. The article provides a list of the current youngest scorers, including Mateo Kovačić, Cesc Fábregas, and Jude Bellingham.

The spotlight is now on Lamine Yamal, a Barcelona prodigy who, at 16, has already made waves in top-flight senior football. The article discusses Yamal’s achievements and suggests he could challenge the record this season. Another mention goes to Arsenal’s Ethan Nwaneri, who, at 16 years and 253 days, could become the youngest scorer if he gets a chance in the competition.

1. **Current Record Holder:** Ansu Fati, at 17 years and 40 days, scored for Barcelona against Inter Milan on December 10, 2019.
2. **Recent Young Scorers:** Antonio Nusa (17 years, 149 days), Peter Ofori-Quaye (17 years, 194 days), Mateo Kovačić (17 years, 215 days), Cesc Fábregas (17 years, 217 days), Bojan Krkic (17 years, 217 days), and others.
3. **Challengers to the Record:** Lamine Yamal, a 16-year-old Barcelona talent, is highlighted as a potential record-breaker, having already achieved significant milestones in his young career.
4. **Arsenal’s Young Talents:** Ethan Nwaneri and Myles Lewis-Skelly, both 16 years old, are mentioned as potential contenders for the record if given the opportunity to score in the Champions League.

The article explores the history of the youngest scorers in the UEFA Champions League, acknowledging past record holders and introducing potential challengers. With the spotlight on Lamine Yamal and other emerging talents, football enthusiasts eagerly await the possibility of witnessing a new record being set in the 2023-24 season.

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