Lagos Assembly States Doctor Lacks Qualifications as a Surgeon in Missing Intestine Case

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The Lagos State House of Assembly unveiled its findings regarding the disappearance of Adebola Akin-Bright’s small intestine on Friday.

Noheem Adams, the chairman of the ad hoc committee appointed by the House to investigate the matter, informed his fellow members that the physician who conducted two surgeries on the boy lacked the qualifications of a surgeon. This revelation came through a statement released on Friday.

During Thursday’s plenary session, Speaker Mudashiru Obasa instructed Clerk Olalekan Onafeko to contact the Lagos State Police Command to apprehend Dr. Abayomi Baiyewu from Obitoks Hospital in the Alimosho area of Lagos.

The statement included the following passage: “During the investigation, the committee learned from Dr. Baiyewu that he is not a surgeon but relied solely on his experience as a medical doctor,” as quoted by Adams.

Furthermore, Baiyewu, whose statements were documented, informed the committee that he did not conduct any medical examination on the boy before the initial surgery, which he performed himself. He relied solely on the report from the hospital where the patient was initially treated.

Noheem stated that following the first surgery performed by Baiyewu, the boy continued to experience stomach pain and was readmitted to Obitoks Hospital, where Baiyewu conducted another surgery independently.

As complications persisted, Honorable Noheem disclosed that the boy was eventually transferred to LASUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital), where it was confirmed that a portion of his intestine was missing.

The legislator pointed out that as a medical practitioner, Baiyewu should have sent the excised body part to a pathological department for testing. However, Dr. Baiyewu informed the committee that the body parts were mistakenly discarded. He had also intended to perform a third surgery before the boy was taken to LASUTH.

Following Noheem’s presentation, the House expressed its condolences to the grieving family, with Deputy Speaker Mojisola Meranda proposing the closure of the hospital, as stated in the release.

Lawal Aina, another member of the committee, recounted the distressing scene when the committee visited Akin-Bright at the hospital. During their inquiry, it became evident that Dr. Baiyewu lacked the proper certification as a surgeon.

Several lawmakers who addressed the issue suggested filing a formal complaint against Dr. Baiyewu with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for necessary action. Others recommended stricter oversight of medical practitioners and healthcare facilities.

Akin-Bright sadly passed away on Tuesday shortly after the House urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to provide further assistance for his treatment abroad.

In addition to conveying the House’s condolences to Akin-Bright’s family, Speaker Obasa directed the committee to explore other unresolved aspects, including the potential invitation of officials from the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency, which is legally responsible for monitoring private hospitals in the state, as mentioned in the statement.

The Speaker also instructed the committee to review the existing legislation to determine if any amendments were necessary and suggested that private hospitals be mandated to regularly report their activities to the government.

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