Man Publicly Apologizes for False Allegations Against E-Money and Late Junior Pope’s Wife

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A man who previously made baseless allegations against billionaire E-Money and the wife of the late Junior Pope has issued a public apology.

This development follows E-Money’s search for two women and a man who had made damaging accusations linking him to the death of Junior Pope. E-Money had shared a photo of the man on social media, labeling him a cyberbully intent on tarnishing his reputation by alleging an affair with Junior Pope’s wife.

In a recently circulated video, the man retracted his statements, admitting his actions were an attempt to gain followers on his Facebook page. He expressed regret for the unfounded accusations.

### Public Reactions:

– Tegzdeguhdguy: “Man should do at least 6 months with Bobrisky in Kirikiri… You can’t be k!lling people’s images and go like that with apologies…”

– OSCARBEST: “Na one by one una go dey realize say freedom after speech no dey.”

– Kellybonito_: “The same thing happens on Twitter, people say untrue things just to gain followers. When trouble catches up with them one day, I hope they won’t be pitied ✌️✌️.”

– Olayinka_094: “He should know that every action has its own consequence.”

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