**Naira Marley’s Statement on Mohbad’s Passing: Key Points to Note**

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By Daniel Edu

After the recent passing of Nigerian music talent Mohbad, also known as Promise Oladimeji Aloba, Naira Marley, the President of Marlian Records, released an official statement on Friday night, September 15, addressing the artist’s demise and related issues. Here are four notable points from Naira Marley’s statement:

**1. Mohbad’s Brotherly Bond:**
Naira Marley expressed his mourning for the late singer, describing Mohbad as a “brother and dear friend.” This statement is significant given the speculations and rumors surrounding the relationship between Naira Marley and Mohbad, including allegations of mistreatment and disputes within the Marlian Records family. Naira Marley’s words suggest a close bond, despite the reported conflicts.

**2. Championing Mohbad’s Talent:**
The statement touches on the promotion of Mohbad’s talent. However, it raises questions about how the record label supported Mohbad’s career after he left Marlian Records between 2022 and 2023. Visual evidence on social media seemed to indicate efforts to hinder Mohbad’s music career after his departure. The statement’s claim of championing his talent appears inconsistent with the reported actions.

**3. Call for Thorough Investigation:**
Naira Marley’s statement underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. It acknowledges the public’s unrest and the various speculations and accusations surrounding the singer’s passing. This call for an investigation aligns with the demands of many who seek clarity and justice in this matter.

**4. Gagging Approach:**
The statement suggests discomfort with the level of interest and discussion surrounding Mohbad’s death on social media. Naira Marley’s comments may be perceived as an attempt to discourage or control the narrative around the situation. However, it also acknowledges the importance of free expression, as long as false information is not spread.

In conclusion, Naira Marley’s statement recognizes the loss of a talented artist and calls for a transparent investigation into the circumstances of Mohbad’s death. It also seeks to strike a balance between acknowledging grief and addressing public discourse. The music industry, the media, and the authorities are urged to approach this sensitive matter with respect and care.

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