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Nigerian Striker Victor Osimhen Explains Rejection of Saudi Offer

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By Milcah Tanimu

Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen has explained why he turned down a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia, stating that the opportunity could have changed his life. Osimhen, who plays for Napoli in Serie A, revealed that the Saudi side Al-Hilal made a serious attempt to sign him in the summer, offering €200 million to Napoli. However, Napoli’s president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, refused to accept the offer, expressing his reluctance to let the star striker leave.

Speaking about the situation on the ‘Obi One Podcast’ with John Obi Mikel, Osimhen acknowledged the significant financial offer from Saudi Arabia and the tough decision it presented. He admitted that the more he declined, the higher the financial offer became, and it was challenging to refuse. Despite the tempting offer, Osimhen chose to stay with Napoli after discussions with the club.

Osimhen emphasized the positive decision he made for his career, stating that he didn’t want people to think he was eager to leave Napoli. He also mentioned that the decision was made in August and that playing football involves considerations beyond financial aspects.

This revelation sheds light on the complexities and choices faced by football players when presented with lucrative offers from other leagues, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of career decisions in the sport.

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