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“Presido La Pluto”: Shallipopi Documents His Mainstream Rise with Debut Album

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By Milcah Tanimu

Shallipopi, the Benin-born rapper, has risen to mainstream success with his debut album, ‘Presido La Pluto.’ The rapper, known for his distinctive style and storytelling about inner-city experiences, has gained widespread attention in the Nigerian music industry. His debut EP, ‘Planet Pluto,’ produced four hit songs out of six tracks, establishing his acceptance by the mass market.

Despite the polarizing nature of Shallipopi’s music, his rise to prominence is evident, with his label, Plutomania Records, already signing two artists, including his younger brother Zerrydl. ‘Presido La Pluto’ further solidifies Shallipopi’s presence in the Nigerian music landscape, with 13 tracks documenting his mainstream dominance.

Shallipopi’s rap technique involves more talking than the traditional fast and structured rhythm, creating a unique style. His Benin heritage and inner-city experiences are spotlighted throughout the album, with an infusion of Amapiano log drum elements.

The album reflects Shallipopi’s focus on offering listeners a good time by sharing his lifestyle and experiences. He emphasizes themes of wealth and success, drawing inspiration from figures like Elon Musk. However, Shallipopi’s exploration of the desire for a good time involves controversial subjects, such as cryptocurrency and references to internet fraud language.

While the album showcases Shallipopi’s mainstream success, it also highlights his ability to deliver more Pop-leaning records. Songs like ‘More Than Me’ and ‘Iyo’ demonstrate versatility beyond the momentary gratification offered by his Street Hop style.

In summary, ‘Presido La Pluto’ serves as a documentation of Shallipopi’s rise to the forefront of the Nigerian music scene, fueled by his unique style and thematic preoccupations. As he collaborates with South African music star Focalistic for his first international collaboration, Shallipopi’s impact on the industry continues to unfold.

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