Nigerians View Mohbad’s Death with Mixed Reactions, Says Rexxie

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In a recent interview, singer Rexxie shared his perspective on Nigerians’ response to the untimely passing of Mohbad, suggesting that many were treating the situation lightly. He expressed that for a significant portion of Nigerians, there seemed to be a lack of genuine interest in Mohbad’s demise, with some using it as fodder for amusement rather than showing sincere concern.

This sentiment echoes previous statements from law enforcement, as in 2023, the police urged sympathizers and fans of Mohbad to refrain from trivializing his death, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter.

Mohbad’s passing, initially reported on September 12, 2023, stirred controversy and speculation. Despite an autopsy reportedly being conducted, the circumstances surrounding his death remain shrouded in mystery, prompting both online discussions and police investigations aimed at uncovering the truth.

As of now, the true cause of Mohbad’s death remains elusive, leaving Nigerians eager for answers.

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