Rita Edochie Urges Against Stigmatizing Single Mothers and Divorcees

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Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, has issued a stern warning to those who engage in shaming single mothers and divorcees.

Following her recent celebration of personal freedom, Edochie cautioned against hastily labeling individuals who have experienced divorce or single parenthood as irresponsible, emphasizing the need to understand the unique circumstances surrounding their situations.

She challenged the notion that a woman’s value or responsibility is solely determined by her marital status, highlighting the countless single mothers and divorcees who demonstrate remarkable responsibility and resilience.

Edochie described these women as breadwinners, resourceful individuals, and productive contributors to society, urging for an end to the unjustified stigma often directed towards them.

In her statement, she emphasized, “Being in a man’s house doesn’t define your goodness as a woman and it has nothing to do with being responsible.”

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