Nkechi Blessing Issues Physical Challenge to Blessing CEO Amid Ongoing Feud

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The ongoing feud between Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing and self-proclaimed relationship expert Blessing CEO has escalated, with Nkechi challenging Blessing CEO to a physical confrontation.

The conflict began when Nkechi Blessing left a disparaging comment on Blessing CEO’s bikini photos, leading to a war of words. Blessing CEO responded by criticizing Nkechi’s dating choices and referring to her as a “confused identity.” The tension reached a point where Nkechi visited Blessing’s office to confront her physically, but Blessing was absent at the time.

Taking to Instagram, Nkechi dared Blessing CEO to disclose her location, invoking her mother’s name as a threat. While apologizing to those who advised her to ignore Blessing CEO, Nkechi expressed that this would be her final response.

In her post, Nkechi called Blessing CEO an ex-convict and urged her to provide her location for a face-to-face resolution, emphasizing, “Too much talk no Dey full basket!!!”

Previously, Nkechi had driven to Blessing CEO’s therapy lounge, challenging her to come out physically for a fight. She referred to Blessing as an ex-convict and vowed to use blows to address what she deemed a fake persona.

Nkechi asserted her resilience, claiming she wouldn’t shy away from the conflict even if Blessing CEO left Lagos for Enugu. In earlier posts, Nkechi emphasized her success beyond acting, presenting herself as a real estate mogul with significant land holdings and multiple businesses, countering Blessing CEO’s verbal attacks with her own accomplishments.

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