Outcry and Calls for Apology to Ibu’s wife as Jasmine Faces Accusations of Using Mr Ibu’s Donation Funds for Personal Travel Costs

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Netizens react to allegations that Jasmine Okafor, Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, is funding her travel expenses with money meant for the ailing actor’s treatment. Instagram blogger Cutie Juls reports misuse of donation funds, claiming Mr Ibu’s son is also using the money for travel. Many support Mr Ibu’s wife, demanding apologies for previous criticism. Recent reports suggest Jasmine and Ibu’s sons were arrested for allegedly moving 300 million from the actor’s account. Actress Doris Ogala claims Mr Ibu’s wife ordered the arrest, seeking a new house from the donation money. Gistlover alleges the wife aims to fund a lavish lifestyle. Mr Ibu’s son refutes claims, asserting control over the actor’s account and denying Jasmine access. The family feud continues over the use of donation funds.

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