Queen Elizabeth Will Soon Introduce Camilla Parker-Bowles As ‘Queen’ For This Reason

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By Camille Heimbrod

Queen Elizabeth II is rumored to unveil Camilla Parker Bowles as the next Queen at the Remembrance Day Service in London on Sunday.

Nicholas Bieber, a journalist for Daily Star, reported that Bowles will join Her Majesty and the other members of the royal family on the balcony for the event. Prince Charles, who will be the next King and head of the monarchy, will also be assuming an important from his mom.

Prince Charles will be in charge of laying a wreath at the Cenotaph for the second time at the service. He first did the gesture last year just months after his dad, Prince Philip, also retired from his position.

Kate Middleton will also be joining the Queen, Prince Charles, and Bowles in the balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Duchess of Cambridge is also being rumored to be another future successor because her husband, Prince William, is in line to the throne.

The changes would mark the beginning of a huge transition to the next King and Queen especially since Her Majesty has been sitting on the throne for several decades. Her husband, Prince Philip, is not expected to attend the service.

Charlie Proctor, the editor of Royal Central, told the publication that Bowles’ appearance on the balcony will help her psychologically prepare for her big role in the near future.

“In the same way that her husband has to psychologically prepare to become King, Camilla must prepare for the day she becomes Queen Consort and as part of her preparations, she is starting to make more appearances alongside the Queen. For example, Camilla has attended a number of State Openings of Parliament over the past few years with Prince Charles, an important role she must prepare for when she becomes Queen Consort,” he said.

“As many members of her family lay wreaths at the cenotaph, Camilla would be in a perfect position to stand with the Queen so she doesn’t appear as a lone figure if the 97-year-old Duke does not attend,” he added.

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