Religion And Politics Are Watertight- Sheikh Abdunasir

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By Muhammad Ibrahim, Sokoto

“In politics, one of the characteristics is quality leadership with which an individual perform accordingly without accumulating wealth meant to execute projects for electorates”, says the Chairman Administrative of the Jama’atul Izalatul Bidi’a was Ikamatus Sunnah(JIBWIS),Sheikh Abdulnasir Abdulmuhyi while answering questions from a team of journalists at Sultanate Council lodge along Abuja road,Sokoto.

He said the greatest weapon of an electorate 8s his voter card which is necessary for all right thinking Nigerian in as much as he deems it important to have someone who can move the society forward.

” Having met most of the requirements, a good leader must be competent and have the fear of Allah as his yardstick in his leadership “,averred the religious leader.

On insecurity, Sheikh Abdulnasir said to know what is happening, one must dig for the root cause of its precedence before knowing how to overcome its problems.

” The three tiers of governments are doing their best looking at the Emir,District head, members of the security agencies and those moving along the roads are involved in this widely talked insecurity “, me and you should have the fear of Allah and contribute towards eradication of this deadly occurrences and see how fast our economy would grow.

The Sheikh similarly discussed the importance of the last ten days of the month of Ramadan as pronounced by Prophetic traditions.

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