“Sarah Martins Publicly Demands Repayment of Alleged Debt from Former Friend Judy Austin”

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By Daniel Edu

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has taken to her Instagram page to address a brewing dispute with her former best friend, Judy Austin, over an alleged debt.

Their friendship soured when Sarah Martins distanced herself from Judy and aligned herself with May and Rita Edochie. In response, Judy Austin unfollowed Sarah on Instagram and removed all posts related to her from her page. Her husband, Yul, also unfollowed Sarah on the platform.

In a recent development, Sarah publicly called out Judy Austin on her Instagram page on a Saturday, urging her to repay the money that had been loaned to her. Sarah emphasized that the funds lent to Judy were derived from her business and should be promptly returned.

Sarah expressed her frustration, stating, “I learned the hard way, but we move forward regardless. Whoever knows her should tell her to do the needful! You should have sent back my 1 million Naira before blocking me! I worked hard for that money, so I won’t keep quiet, sis… That money is from my business account @sarahsplaceempire, and it’s my hard-earned income! Send back my money, Judy!”

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