Singer Spyro Faces Backlash for Criticizing Secular Music by Nigerian Artists

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By Daniel Edu

Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, known as Spyro, has drawn significant criticism for his recent remarks denouncing secular music and artists. The artist, famous for his song ‘Who’s Your Guy,’ made these comments during a live podcast named ‘The Honest Bunch.’

Spyro expressed concern that some fans unknowingly internalize harmful lyrics from musicians, leading to detrimental influences on their morals and lifestyle choices. He pledged his intention to promote a more godly influence in the secular music industry, regardless of the time it might take. He pointed out that fans of these secular songs often wonder why they’re tempted to engage in fraudulent activities and suggested that negative influences might not always appear as obvious as a devil with two horns.

In response to Spyro’s statements, notable Nigerian music journalist Joey Akan took to the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to call out Spyro for exhibiting hypocrisy. Akan noted that despite Spyro’s consistent criticism of “worldly singers and their lyrics,” he has collaborated and associated with them extensively.

Akan pointed out Spyro’s collaboration with Tiwa Savage, an artist not aligned with his faith-based approach. He also highlighted Spyro’s association with a secular label, performances at secular events, including one for an alcoholic brand, and collaborations with DJs Neptune and Iyanya, both considered secular music figures.

Akan accused Spyro of criticizing his colleagues for their themes of escapism and realism while benefiting from the same industry. He labeled Spyro’s stance as hypocritical, as he claims to promote Jesus while still being a part of and benefiting from the secular music scene.

In summary, Spyro’s comments about secular music and artists have sparked a backlash, with critics like Joey Akan pointing out what they perceive as hypocrisy in Spyro’s actions and statements.

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