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Supreme Court PEPT Panel in Turmoil: Sensational Crisis Erupts as Three Justices Abruptly Recuse Themselves

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Explosive developments are shaking the very foundations of the Supreme Court’s newly formed Presidential Election Petition Panel (PEPP). Three esteemed justices—Musa Dattijo Muhammad, I.N. Saulawa, and Helen M. Ogunwumiju—have dramatically withdrawn from their panel duties, plunging the nation into chaos.

Originally comprising seven members tasked with deciding the fate of the presidential hopes of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr. Peter Gregory Obi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP) respectively, this prestigious panel has been rattled by unforeseen exits. Justice Dattijo cited his impending retirement, a shocking pretext that sent shockwaves throughout the legal community. Following suit, Justice Saulawa and Justice Ogunwunmiju also stepped down, citing mysterious reasons, leaving a void in the crucial proceedings.

This startling turn of events has now led to a staggering revelation: five out of the eleven esteemed Justices of Nigeria’s Supreme Court have either withdrawn or recused themselves from this pivotal case. This unprecedented crisis threatens the very heart of justice in our nation.

As per the constitutional mandate requiring seven Justices for the PEPT appeal, the situation has reached a breaking point. Inside sources, shrouded in secrecy, have hinted that the Supreme Court Justices Panel will be reconstituted urgently. Whispers within the hallowed halls of justice suggest a deep undercurrent of suspicion. Rumors swirl that the chairman of the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC), Justice Haruna Tsammani, is incapacitated, bound to a wheelchair due to an enlarged prostate that he allegedly suffered post his return from Paris.

The nation holds its breath, anxiously waiting for a resolution. In this moment of crisis, the very essence of Nigeria’s judicial integrity hangs in the balance. The fate of the nation’s democracy lies in the hands of those who dare to tread this treacherous path. Will they salvage the nation’s honor, preserving the legacy of the most populous black country and the giant of Africa? The nation watches, teetering on the edge of uncertainty, as the drama unfolds in the hallowed chambers of justice.”

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