Taryn Manning Expresses Regret Over Sharing Explicit Affair Details

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By Daniel Edu

Actress Taryn Manning has issued a heartfelt apology after her explicit video discussing an affair with a married man went viral online. The former “Orange is the New Black” star deleted the video and reflected on her choice to make her story public, admitting that she now regrets that decision.

Taking to Instagram, Manning acknowledged that she had handled the situation poorly by discussing it on a public platform. She expressed remorse for exposing the details of her affair and stated that she should have dealt with the matter privately with the support of her close friends and family.

Manning clarified that she had started a relationship with a married man who had promised to leave his wife, but she later discovered that it wasn’t possible. She acknowledged that her actions were wrong and reflected on the complexities of human emotions, admitting that sometimes the heart leads people to do irrational things.

While she expressed regret over exposing her situation, Manning remained unapologetic about her capacity to love. She hoped to find a healthy and reciprocated love that allows her to be true to herself.

In her heartfelt message, Manning asked for privacy to heal and mend her heart. She concluded by thanking everyone for understanding her need for privacy during this challenging time.

Taryn Manning gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” She has also appeared in movies like “8 Mile” alongside Eminem and has a career as a recording artist.

Over the years, Manning has faced various personal and legal challenges, including issues with sobriety and several encounters with the law. Her recent public affair confession seems to have prompted her to reflect on the need for privacy and personal growth.

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