Youths And Females Challenged To Be Respective Members Of The Society

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By Muhammad Ibrahim, Sokoto

Yiaga Africa in collaboration with Ukaid Tuesday organized a technical meeting with 23 youths leaders one from each of the 23 local governments in the state.

Mrs Efemena Ozugha who deliberated on the overview of the turn up Democracy Project mainly spoke about the political party engagement program and expected outcome-youths compact.

She called on the female gender to engage themselves in any of the handicrafts available in order to assist their households. This she said can assist where the father earn little or no monthly income either from governments or organisations.

She added that despite the fact that Islamic religion forbids women to work in social places,where they mingle with men,but the religion also approves women to work in places like maternity section of the hospital and other similar areas.

She similarly discussed the quality leadership of females going by history.

The ceremony that took place at Dankani Guest Palace Hotel also discussed the outlook of youths participation in politics in Sokoto presented by the Political Science head of department as well as experiences of youths leaders in political parties and developing a youths compact-identifying challenges and solutions to youths participations and representation.

The whole aim of the brief ceremony is to avail both youths and female gender to avail themselves from the current challenges of poverty,insecurity and all it takes to make a person whole.

Malam Ibrahim Faruk of the Yiaga organisation said another aim was a fight for youths and females to find themselves in political positions as citizens of this great nation.

Faruk added that female gender have great roles to play in the political dispensation as they feel places left by their male counterparts in search of greener pastures saying most of the male gender left their offices for more paying jobs like security, political offices and more areas where money flows better.

He challenged all youths and females particularly in Sokoto to wake up and reduce dependancy for them to be self respected by the society.

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