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3 Ways to Use Google to Avoid Job Scams

As a fresh graduate you can easily fall victim of a job scam. Which is why this article on how to use Google to authenticate a job invite is very important.

So, here are 3 ways to use Google to avoid falling victim of job scams:

1. Google the company name

Don’t get too excited when you receive a job interview alert, try to make some findings about the company first.
In 2019, any company that can invite prospective employees for a job interview should at least have an online presence. If you google the name of the organization that sends you an interview invite and you can’t see its website or social media handle, don’t bother to go for the interview. It’s most likely a scam you won’t like to experience.

2. Google the company address

Every job interview invite comes with the address of the organization. If you can’t find any information regarding the company’s website and social media pages online, google the address in the message sent to you.

This will show you some pieces of information you can put together to determine whether you should honor the interview or reject it.

3. Google the email address

When you receive a suspicious job interview invite, it’s wise to check the email address through which you received the invite.
If you receive the job interview invite via email, it’s also very important you check out the email on search engines. This will reveal different places the email has been used and what it was used for.