APC Chieftain Credits Subsidy Removal for Nigeria’s Survival

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Former Minister of Works and All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, Dayo Adeyeye, asserted on Thursday that Nigeria would have faced a standstill if President Bola Tinubu had not removed the oil subsidy. Adeyeye, who leads the South West Agenda (SWAGA), emphasized Tinubu’s commitment to liberating Nigerians from hardships and challenges.

Speaking in Jos during the kickoff of palliative distribution to Plateau State supporters, Adeyeye acknowledged the economic damage inflicted by past administrations, making the present administration’s task challenging upon assuming office.

While avoiding direct criticism of previous governments, Adeyeye stated, “Nigeria would have grounded to a halt without fuel subsidy removal.” He explained that the funds from current oil sales had been collected long before the present administration came into power.

Assuring that President Tinubu was actively working to improve the situation, Adeyeye urged support for Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda. He highlighted SWAGA’s backing of Tinubu’s election, emphasizing that it aimed at changing Nigeria’s trajectory for the better.

Adeyeye noted Tinubu’s past successes and expressed confidence that Nigerians would not be disappointed. He acknowledged the ongoing challenges, emphasizing Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the destruction accumulated over many years.

Highlighting specific plans, Adeyeye mentioned Tinubu’s vision for a light train from Abuja to Jos and anticipated drastic positive changes in Nigeria within eight years. He urged patience and support, emphasizing Tinubu’s dedication to making bold decisions for the country’s benefit.”

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