Arnold Schwarzenegger pays tribute to Bruce Willis, a legendary star

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Arnold Schwarzenegger praised his co-star Bruce Willis, acknowledging his enduring legacy as a remarkable star. Last year, the Willis family announced that Bruce would be stepping away from acting due to his diagnosis of aphasia, a language disorder. However, an update from the family revealed that his condition had worsened, and he had now been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

During an interview discussing his new Netflix action-comedy FUBAR, Schwarzenegger took a moment to express his admiration for his former co-star and close friend. He described Willis as “fantastic” and emphasized his kind nature. Schwarzenegger firmly believed that Bruce Willis would always be remembered as an exceptional and influential star, given his extensive contributions to the film industry.

Schwarzenegger and Willis had previously collaborated in the movie franchise “The Expendables,” further cementing their professional bond. Following the announcement of Willis’s retirement, other actors such as John Travolta and Haley Joel Osment paid tribute to their former co-star. Travolta, who had worked with Willis in “Pulp Fiction,” shared nostalgic photos of their time together and spoke highly of Willis’s generous spirit

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