Borno Born Activist Opens Up: Nigerian security agencies are afraid of Fulani tribe

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Fulani are financially, militarily equips to face any tribe, govt forces – Bello Bodejo

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Borno based rights activist and a Kanuri by tribe, Rev. Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa has made another startling revelation, saying that the Fulani ethnic group are very strong and equipped financially and militarily to face any tribe or government force in Nigeria.

Ali Dikwa who’s also the Director, General Center for Justice on Religious And Ethnicity in Nigeria, however credited the statement to the National leader of Miyetti Allah Koutal Hore, Alh. Bello Bodejo, in a release he issued, signed and made available to journalist in Kaduna Saturday.

He expressed lamentation that the untold hardship in Nigeria is only felt by the masses of all the ethnic tribes except for the Fulanis who are enjoying the milk of the country without disruption.

In the release entitled: “Nigerian security agencies are afraid of the Fulani tribe or accomplice to the security threat of the nation: Mr president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, there is the brewed coupe under your watch”, Rev. Dikwa confirmed to journalists on phone that Bello Bodejo was speaking to him unknown that he’s a Borno Christian indigene.

According, the Fulanis have many sources of income including kidnapping of the remaining tribes for very high ransom”, adding that this spelled along of danger to the national unity.

“In my lengthy discussion with the so-called Miyetti Allah Koutal Hore national leader Alh. Bello Bodejo on the 5th January, 2024, in his resident at Auta Balaifi Abuja Keffi Expressway in Karu LGA Nasarawa State, one of the fearful things he said about the Fulani ethnic group is that they are very strong and equipped financially and militarily to face any tribe or government force in Nigeria.

“He expanded by saying if they need money for any reason within 24 hours they can raise $10billion not even in naira.

“Being a Kanuri by tribe, these our friends (Fulanis) mean when they say something. He went further to say the vision of their great-grand father, Othman Danfodio and grand-father Sir, Ahmadu Bello in October 12-14 1960, is that Nigeria is their estate, concurred for them, will never be snatched from their hands or die. Therefore they have to use Islamization to keep the goal.

“This is the agenda of all Fulani traditional rulers, and this is clear because no any Fulani man or woman has ever been kidnapped and also whenever a Fulani man is detained by security operatives, the Fulani traditional rulers and clerics will be shouting for his unconditional release or else they will do something stupid to shake the nation. “Being afraid or accomplices by the security agencies, this man will be unconditionally released for him to continue with the trouble”, he stated.

Clarifying, Dikwa argued that if the security agencies are not afraid of Fulani tribe, they would have nip at bud, the issue of banditry and ended the insurgency long before now under the previous leader.

The Miyetti Allah Koutal Hore national leader’s arrest and detention, Umar Amir Shehu and Badu Salisu Ahmadu released a press on 24th January that they gave government 72 hours to release the leader or there ll be no Nigeria.

“If Nnamdi Kanu can be charged for Treason, I see no reason the Miyetti Allah Koutal Hore national leader Should be released as his case is so heinous than that of Nnamdi Kanu.

“Anytime there was an attack by the Fulanis in a certain locality, nothing will be heard from the Fulani big men, clerics and traditional rulers and not even from the So-called Northern Elders Forum (NEF) even if the Fulanis claimed responsibilities.

“The security agencies are afraid or accomplices, therefore, the government should give rights to the ethnic nationalities to raise up and defend themselves and push out the Fulani terrorist from their areas or nationalities will take order in to their hands as the pushing has reached to the limit of tolerance and there will be no Nigeria.

“The recent move in the creation of Fulani ethnic vigilante group and recruitment of 2000 members are strategies to be used in continuing with attack on helpless communities and kidnapping citizens”, the release added.

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