Daniel Regha Criticizes Asake for Disrespecting Christianity in New Song

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Twitter personality Daniel Regha has recently criticized Asake for allegedly disrespecting Christianity in his latest song.

Using the X platform, Daniel Regha condemned Asake’s new video, particularly highlighting the artist’s attire and actions portrayed in the visuals. He expressed deep concern over what he perceived as disrespect towards Christianity.

Regha went further to assert that any Christian who supports or enjoys the song is, in essence, showing disrespect to God. He also brought Omah Lay into the conversation, citing the artist’s track “Holy Ghost” as another example of what he considered disrespectful to Christianity.

In addition to criticizing the artists, Regha also called out music producer T.G. Omori for allegedly perpetuating sacrilegious imagery in his video productions.

He referenced specific scenes from Asake’s “Only Me” music video, pointing out instances such as the use of the inverted cross, a symbol often associated with opposition to Christianity. Regha argued that such actions were not creative but rather insensitive and intentional acts of disrespect.

Moreover, Regha recalled a scene from Fireboy’s “Bandana” music video featuring Asake, where he claimed mockery of the Pentecost was depicted. He emphasized the importance of respecting people’s religious beliefs and criticized those who overlook such offenses.

In conclusion, Regha reiterated his stance that Christians should refrain from supporting music videos like Asake’s “Only Me” and Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost,” which he deemed as disrespectful to the Christian faith.

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