FG Assures Nigerians of Relief from Hardship Soon

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The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, provided reassurance to Nigerians on Thursday, promising that the current hardships would soon be alleviated within the next one year.

Speaking at the 50th anniversary lecture of PUNCH Nigeria Limited held in Lagos, Idris, representing President Bola Tinubu, conveyed the president’s commitment to fulfilling campaign promises and urged for patience amid challenges.

Acknowledging existing challenges, Idris emphasized the potential for a positive shift in the narrative within a year, urging Nigerians to adopt a patient approach. He referenced Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka’s perspective on assessing new governments after a year in office as a guide.

Highlighting government initiatives to address the nation’s difficulties, Idris cited recent engagements with industry leaders and government officials aimed at improving the country’s economic outlook.

He encouraged a focus on positive developments, stressing that economic challenges were not unique to Nigeria, citing the United Kingdom’s recent recession as an example.

Addressing actions taken by the current administration, Idris pointed out bold steps such as the removal of fuel subsidies and clarifications on foreign exchange regimes as crucial measures toward economic recovery.

In addition, he highlighted improvements in security, particularly on the Abuja-Kaduna road, and efforts to address insecurity in regions affected by insurgency and banditry.

Idris disclosed upcoming policy shifts in the petroleum sector and reiterated the government’s responsiveness to labor concerns, with most demands from the Nigeria Labour Congress met or in progress.

He concluded by affirming the completion of the ministerial panel’s work and urged the media to report government efforts accurately.

In closing, Idris stressed the importance of unity and constructive engagement in advancing the nation’s interests, urging all Nigerians to work together toward a brighter future.

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