Davido Reflects on Meeting His Wife Before Fame and Fortune

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Nigerian music sensation Davido, whose real name is David Adeleke, recently shared a heartfelt insight into his relationship with his wife, Chioma Adeleke.

In a recent interview, Davido disclosed that he met Chioma before he achieved fame and wealth as a superstar. He emphasized the significance of meeting Chioma during that period, suggesting that it would have been challenging for him to consider marriage now, fearing that women might be drawn to him solely for his wealth or celebrity status.

Davido expressed his happiness in having a close-knit circle primarily composed of individuals who knew him before his rise to fame and fortune. He highlighted the importance of maintaining relationships with those who supported him during his earlier days, emphasizing that genuine success is measured by the loyalty and support of such individuals.

In his own words:

“I have a friend who always says he has everything in the world, but a wife is what he is missing.

“I met my wife before I had money, and I always tell myself that if I hadn’t met her before and now I am single, meeting a girl wouldn’t be the same. I would feel that the lady is talking to me because I am Davido and I have money.

“My true success lies in seeing people around me who were there when I had nothing, witnessing my journey to where I am now. That’s the real feeling, not the one you get when you become successful and start surrounding yourself with new people. It’s important to stay connected to those who were there for you during the grind.”

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