FCT Minister, Wike Bans Placement of His Congratulatory Billboards Across FCT

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

The FCT Minister, Chief Ezenwo Nyesom Wike has banned the placement of lamp post billboards, full-scale billboards and other such adverts, congratulating him on his appointment as Minister.

The Minister, emphasized that as much as he deeply appreciates the warm wishes and support of the citizens, he kindly, but strongly, requests that such billboards and advertisements be discontinued forthwith.

In a press release signed by the Director of Press, Mr. Anthony Ogunleye, said that the Minister acknowledges the overwhelming outpouring of goodwill from the residents of the Federal Capital Territory and beyond and understands the sentiment behind these congratulatory displays and is genuinely touched by the show of support.

 The statement read, “However, in the spirit of public service and commitment to his responsibilities, the Minister wishes to focus his full attention on assisting President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in realizing his vision and Renewed Hope agenda for Nigeria.”

As the FCT Minister, his foremost duty lies in contributing to the development and growth of the FCT and the well-being of its residents and the nation as a whole.

  The Minister holds, in high regard, the aspirations, and expectations of the FCT residents, and he remains dedicated to fulfilling his role with the utmost sincerity and dedication. He believes that this can be best achieved by concentrating all efforts on the task at hand and joining hands with fellow public servants to serve the country to the best of their abilities.

 Wike sincerely hopes that the public will understand his perspective and continue to extend their support and cooperation.

 The Minister also looks forward to working closely with all stakeholders to build a stronger, more prosperous, and united FCT and Nigeria.

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