Forum Accuse El-Rufai of Misappropriation of over N600bn

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..Say’s Gov diverted Bill Gate’s funds, refused to pay 28,000 sack teachers

Gabriel Udeh, kaduna

The ‘Kaduna State Governorship Candidates Forum 2019’, has strongly condemned the non payment of the twenty eight thousand school teachers dismissed without following due process.

In a statement signed by Mohammed Kabir Usman, the head Media and Publicity of the group, on behalf of Chairman of forum, Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, the body stated that “even as the government was expected to professionally retrain the teachers and give them a chance to improve their educational capacity, but where denied that opportunity by the government.

It noted that after the sacking of the teachers the government of El- Rufai has intentionally refuse to pay the innocent citizens their entitlement.

many of them are losing their lives out of depression and frustration while many of their children have dropped out of school and are homeless today due to their parents inability to pay rent.

“What do we call this kind of leaders who enjoys the suffering/sorrow of their people. In the same vein, since the resumption of this government to office, the government has received over six hundred Billion Naira (N600bn) allocation from federal government, outside the Billions of naira donation from Bill & Melinda gates foundation for control/eradication of malaria but the government diverted the fund.the statement said

Considering the large sum of money Received by this government, it’s a pity today that state like kaduna known as centre of learning in Nigeria, the poor children are still sitting on the floor.

The statement also said that the government was busy circulating pictures on media claiming that they are renovating the schools of our children.
It should be noted, that they only select some few schools in some areas of the state where they are expecting favour.

In kaduna, we need a serious government that will make sacrifices for the future of our state not those that give priority to their family’s and associates.

Successive government had it as a matter of policy, supporting and assisting children of the poor and less privilege with scholarship in both local and international schools, but El- Rufai who enjoyed educational scholarship during his educational pursuit denied student in kaduna that same opportunity the statement said,

It said that the case of the newly recruited teachers is no different as their salaries are not paid as at when due,the government is owing them six month salary yet to be paid.
same goes to the so-called schools feeding program, the list is endless. We call on the good people of our dear beloved States kaduna to join us in this struggle of Libration, Restoration and Rebuilding of a New kaduna.

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