May 29th 2023 was when Tinubu destroyed Nigeria’s economy – Dr. Mahdi Shehu alleges

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*Says Nigerians remember May 29th with pains

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Katsina born realist Dr. Mahdi Shehu has not only rubbished the policy but also bombarded President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the removal of fuel subsidy, putting the entire Nigerians into severe pains and hardship.

Mahdi Shehu, a big time business mogul, vocalist and serial critics of government bad policies, based in Kaduna made the assertion in a message in four viral video he made available to newsmen in Kaduna yesterday tagged “What 29th May Stands For”.

Dr. Mahdi Shehu lamented that rather than celebrating May 29th of Tinubu”s anniversary in office, Nigeria would rather remember May 29th with pains.

In the video message circulated, Dr. Mahdi Shehu, after salutations, said “This outing is tighten. We remember May 29th with pains. Rather than celebrating May 29th in Nigeria, evidencing one year of Bola Tinubu’s disastrous outing, we rather remember what May 29th stands for us.

Expantiating further, Dr. Shehu explained that “No1, May 29th stands at that notorious date when Bola Ahmed Tinubu made a crude and rude statement in the form of “No more fuel subsidy”.

According to him, “From that time, hour and day, that reckless avoidable statement was made, the economy was completely destroyed, the politics confused, people bewildered, lives became extremely hard and everything transient into bleak, black and gray”.

He added that, “That is May 29th for you. “All thought of the authorities of Tinubu along with his cohort and his spins doctors destroyed”, he said.

Dr. Shehu also alleged that May 29th, represented the sad day and hour when people who were not backed by election process, not candidate and not sponsored by any political party, and not part of INEC lists of contestant suddenly emerged as elected representatives.

“Suddenly they were sworn in as legislature.”This is a sad thing for us in Nigeria, an assault on democracy, assault on adult disenfranchised, incivility, indecency and uncommon sense. The remaining is a history, we’ve seen the negative consequences”, he lamented.

The Chairman, CEO Dialogue Computers, Kaduna, also noted that “May 29th also represent the beginning and commencement of the shameful act where in’ people of questionable characters, questionable circumstances with pending cases at EFCC, ICPC, Police and others became political appointees”.

He also noted that “Nigeria police interpol are also made to be part of political structure and became political appointees. If this is democracy God safe the electorates, and if the electorates are on the side of it, then let god safe democracy”.

He added that “May 29th, also represent the day, time and hour when Muslims -Muslims ticket was used as a vehicle to deceive the docile Muslim population of Nigeria that were cajoled and deceived into voting into power people with life long ambition”.

“The effect of the deceit of that Muslim -muslim ticket is been felt and will continue to be felt for the rest of life to eternity and forever because it has a lasting devastating effects”, he lamented.

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