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**Somalia Floods Claim 50 Lives, Displace Nearly 700,000 People**

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Flash floods in Somalia have resulted in the loss of 50 lives and forced nearly 700,000 people from their homes, according to a government official. The Horn of Africa is grappling with torrential rainfall and floods attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon, causing widespread displacement and destruction of infrastructure. The Somali Disaster Management Agency reported the death toll and displacement figures, warning of potential worsening conditions with heavy rains expected from November 21st to 24th. The United Nations humanitarian agency revealed a significant increase in displaced individuals over one week, affecting a total of 1.7 million people. The Horn of Africa, vulnerable to climate change, faces intensified extreme weather events, complicating recovery from the recent severe drought. Humanitarian organizations stress the need for urgent global intervention as the El Nino impact is forecasted until at least April 2024.

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