75-Year-Old Man Claims to Have Killed Wife Due to Sexual Deprivation

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By Daniel Edu

Edo State Police have confirmed the apprehension of Gabriel Ahuwa, 84, who allegedly murdered his 75-year-old wife, citing sexual deprivation as the motive. The incident occurred in Benin, Edo State.

The State’s Public Relations Officer, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, disclosed the arrest during a press conference. Nwabuzor stated that the octogenarian was among 198 suspects apprehended for various crimes, including armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

Nwabuzor conveyed that the suspect displayed a lack of remorse. Despite committing the crime, Ahuwa maintained that killing his wife was the only solution to her alleged refusal to engage in sexual activity.

In his own words, Ahuwa expressed his frustrations, revealing that his wife had been withholding sexual intimacy for an extended period. He claimed that despite having seven children together, his wife consistently rejected his advances. He further mentioned that he had sought assistance from both his family and hers, but his wife disregarded their advice and continued to deny him. He added that he had heard rumors of her involvement with some pastors.

The case highlights the complexities of relationships and the tragic outcomes that can arise from unresolved conflicts.

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