Adeleke Clarifies Stance on Opposition in Osun State: “Promoting Constructive Politics”

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By Daniel Edu

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has sought to clarify his approach toward opposition parties within the state, asserting that he is not adopting an antagonistic stance.

During a recent appearance on the Channels TV program “NewsNight,” Adeleke emphasized his commitment to maintaining a positive and amiable disposition. He underscored his refusal to respond to negativity with negativity, emphasizing that he is focused on demonstrating how politics should be conducted ethically and responsibly.

Adeleke also raised concerns about what he referred to as “dirty politics” being practiced by the opposition in Osun. He accused them of attempting to disrupt and create chaos within the state’s political landscape.

He expressed, “I want to make it clear that I am a friendly and approachable individual. I believe in playing politics in a manner that promotes harmony and responsible governance. The opposition’s approach, however, seems to be one of negativity. The power to choose leaders resides with the people, and it should not be coerced. Osun’s citizens are astute and will not be manipulated.”

Discussing his approach to the opposition, Adeleke revealed his strategy of engaging with them constructively even after electoral contests have concluded. He cited an example involving Governor Oyetola and the use of public facilities. Despite past difficulties faced by his own party, Adeleke indicated that he facilitated the usage of public spaces, opting to lead by example.

He elaborated, “I believe in imparting lessons through actions. Revenge is not my approach. I want to guide them in understanding that politics can be conducted with respect and consideration for all parties. While I am not opposed to their presence, any opposition that seeks to disrupt the stability of my state will not find support from me.”

In conclusion, Governor Adeleke reiterated his commitment to fostering an atmosphere of productive political engagement within Osun State. By refraining from hostility and advocating for ethical politics, he aims to set an example that emphasizes cooperation and the well-being of the state’s residents.

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