Again, Buhari Defers Assent to 2018 Electoral Amendment Bill

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Again, Buhari Defers Assent to 2018 Electoral Amendment Bil


Buhari has again rejected the amendments made to the Electoral Act by the National Assembly.

This would mark the third time that the President would be rejecting fresh amendments made to the Electoral Act by the National Assembly.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate) Ita Enang gave the indications on Friday when he spoke to State House correspondents.

He simply said President Buhari has taken decision on Electoral Act Amendment bill 2018, noting that it was in accordance with his power under the 1999 Constitution.

Enang who was being diplomatic about the amendment bill said the presidency has communicated that decision to the Senate and House of Representatives in accordance with the law.

Beyond the bill, Buhari assented to National Open University Amendment Act, which now allows the National Open University to operate as all other conventional universities.

By implications, NOUN would have similar power and leverage to function, including the same administrative structures eliminating possible discrimination.

It has also allowed the establishment of some centers to be called study centers and given conditions for the establishment of such study centers.

Asked whether the bill was assented or rejected, he said “the President has taken a decision in accordance with the powers vested in him according to the constitution. And by convention that decision contained in the communication can only be revealed by the person to whom that decision is addressed. But the electoral bill has left Mr. President because he has taken a decision and has remitted it back.”

Pressed further to come out more specific Enang said, “Thank You very much but this is all the law allows me to say by convention. Mr. President has sent that communication to the National Assembly.”

When asked why he returned the bill back to NASS he said, “the President has communicated his decision to the National Assembly and that is what it is now.”

When asked if it is safe to say he rejected the bill, “it is safe to say that the President has taken decision as allowed by law and has communicated that decision to the Senate and the House of Representatives.

When asked the implication of the decision on the 2019 elections, Enang said, “The implication of the decision is that the President has taken action on the bill within the time allowed by law. “

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