Nigeria’s Primary Weapon Against Poverty, Says Tinubu

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By Daniel  Edu

President Bola Tinubu has highlighted education as Nigeria’s most potent tool in the fight against poverty. He also affirmed his administration’s commitment to embracing the potentials of the digital economy and telecommunications, which he described as “the future.”

In a statement released in Abuja, Tinubu, while meeting with a delegation from global tech giant Google, expressed his determination to utilize digital technology to drive Nigeria’s much-needed socio-economic advancement for societal transformation.

“We are here to shape our tomorrow, today, and I’m going to do it. Our youths represent over 65% of the aspiring development age in Nigeria. We place immense importance on education, and it stands as the foremost tool we possess against poverty,” Tinubu affirmed.

Tinubu underscored the pivotal role of the digital economy and telecommunications in the country’s future, vowing to promote these sectors to foster the desired economic progress.

Addressing Google, Tinubu emphasized the necessity of partnering with the government to leverage data in the public sector for enhanced service delivery.

“We have been considering various proposals on database development, and you hold critical information that can also aid the less privileged in utilizing data. Ensuring transaction integrity across the nation to serve over 200 million people is no trivial task,” the President stated.

In his quest for substantial progress, President Tinubu announced his intention to bring more young individuals into his administration to further drive transformative efforts. He extended an invitation to Google to actively participate as a leading development partner.

Tinubu recognized the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing and stressed the importance of harnessing their capabilities, while acknowledging that development is a step-by-step process.

“Let me have breakfast before dinner,” Tinubu humorously remarked, highlighting the need for gradual, methodical progress.

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