Obidients March Grounds Uyo

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There was intense gridlock on major roads in Uyo on Saturday as the “Obidient Movement,” supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi embarked on a two million peaceful solidarity rally.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters from over ten different support groups  gathered around the water fountain, along Nwaniba road, the take off point  as early as 8am before moving  to Ibom Plaza ,the centre of Uyo, to Ikot Ekpene road  and other major roads in the city.

The gridlock lasted for over two hours in every location the peaceful  crowd which cut accross all class and age moved to, even though security personnel who displayed professionalism were also on ground to ensure there was no breakdown of law and order.

Speaking with newsmen a stakeholder in the Obedient Movement, Mr Jude Anyanwor said the crowd is not a rented one but people who were tired of the socio economic condition of the country describing the suffering in the country as unprecedented.

Anyanwor urged the people to sustain the move and ensure that Nigeria would regain her lost glory by voting Obi in 2023.

 ”The time has come when everybody should take his/ her destiny in his hands. We want change in government and it is only Peter Obi that can bring about the positive change. 

“The people who came out for the match, came out of their volition because they are tired of what is happening in Nigeria and want ‘change’  and better Nigeria which can only come if Peter Obi wins.

Also, Campaign Director, Peter Obi Integrity Network for Transformation, POINT, Engr Okon Okon expressed confidence that the former Anambra Governor would emerge victorious in the general election because of the massive support across the country.

“Today is the independence day of Nigeria, and I can say that today is the day Nigeria is completely free and independent. As you can see, the revolution is going on and nothing can stop it.

“Look at the type of people that are coming out to express their love and passion for our principal. Everything about today is just dedicated  for Peter Obi.

‘We see a divine hand in it, this movement is not ordinary,  it started like a joke and it’s growing like a wild fire we are talking of 2m man match and you can see the crowd  and these two million people cannot be wrong.” Okon explained.

A physically challenged, Helen Tom,  said she was  motivated to join the rally because of her desire to ensure that change is effected.

‘I am from Ikot Ekpene and what motivated me here is ‘change’. I want a person that knows that people are hungry.  I won’t allow my physical condition to deter me from supporting someone whom I know has the capacity to change Nigeria from this present condition. 

“We need a real change not the change that put us in suffering right from 2015.” Tom added.

President of Igbo community and Non Indigenes in Akwa Ibom, Dr Sunday Orie described the crowd as divine urging everyone to show same solidarity at the election day by voting Obi.

“If it is a rented crowd, how much do you think we can spend on one person? I see the hands of God in it. This is not Facebook or  social media as they say. Nigeria will be good again when Peter Obi becomes the President. The thing there is that it is the people out of freewill joined the movement.” Orie said.

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