Online Activist Accuses Hilda Baci of Failing to Deliver Cooking Class After Payment

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Renowned online activist, VeryDarkMan, has publicly criticized Hilda Baci for allegedly accepting payment for a cooking class and subsequently failing to conduct the sessions, leaving students without any communication or explanation.

Hilda Baci, known for her culinary expertise and world record achievements, had organized a cooking class series for interested individuals, requiring a fee of N35,000 per participant. However, despite the payments made by students since March, no classes have been conducted.

Initially, Baci apologized for the delay, but communication has since ceased, leaving students in limbo.

VeryDarkMan voiced concerns over potential legal action, citing the possibility of charging Baci with obtaining funds under false pretenses, a serious offense.

Additionally, he shared evidence of payment debits from students, some of whom expressed their frustration in Baci’s comment section, without receiving any clarification or resolution from her end.

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