“RCCG Pastor’s Wife Abducted by Gunmen in Kwara State, Nigeria: Disturbing Kidnapping Incident Sends Shockwaves”

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By Daniel Edu

In a distressing incident, the spouse of a pastor affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has been kidnapped in Kwara State, Nigeria. A group of unidentified gunmen, estimated to be around seven in number, carried out the abduction in the community of Elerinjare within the Ifelodun local government area. The victim, identified as Blessing Ajiboye, was taken by the assailants. During the incident, two other individuals who were assisting at the pastor’s wife’s shop were also abducted, although it is reported that they were subsequently released.

The incident took place at approximately 8:45 pm at the trading establishment owned by the pastor and his wife. The pastor recounted that he had briefly stepped away from the shop when the sound of gunshots rang out. Upon returning, he discovered that the gunmen had forcibly taken his wife, even removing a baby she had been carrying on her back.

Curiously, the attackers did not target monetary valuables, focusing solely on the pastor’s wife. Regrettably, one bystander in close proximity to the shop was struck by a stray bullet during the attack and is presently receiving medical treatment.

In response, local authorities, including the traditional community leader and the local vigilante, are collaborating closely with the state police in an effort to locate the suspected kidnappers.

At present, the motive behind this unfortunate incident remains shrouded in mystery, and the police are yet to furnish detailed information about the occurrence.

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