Where is Maryam Shetty?

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By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi

Maryam Shetty is a prominent member, and perhaps even a chieftain of the Tinubu/ Shettima Campaign Council.

She was nominated to be a minister in President Tinubu’s cabinet but last minute intrigues and politicking saw her being chalked off the list of nominees.

It was quite puzzling and disheartening that such a young, educated and vibrant spirit like Shetty, was dropped from a transition she worked so hard for. Her resume is stellar to be honest, and one can never tell, we may have missed out on the opportunity of having one of APC’s brightest young talents, serving on Mr. President’s cabinet. As it is, there are quite a number of lack lustre travellers in the cabinet and an assessment of their performances is sure to dismiss a lot of them.

If Maryam Shetty had made this cabinet, a deep conviction is telling me that she would perhaps be one of the most celebrated or commended members of the administration. She is young, she is smart and driven, and is ambitious enough to make a positive mark.

Why was she dropped, afterall her resume is more than impressive. She has a masters degree in physiotherapy from the University of East London, Stratford, in the United Kingdom. This earned her a place in the London Olympics medical team, where she worked with elite athletes like Usain Bolt. She has also served for years at the State House Clinic at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Maryam has a Kingian Non Violence Practitioner certificate from Emory University in the United States. She has another certificate in Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century from the University of Virginia. She also has an honorary doctorate degree from the ESGT University of Technology, Benin Republic, in recognition of her very vital contributions to community service and development.

Maryam Shetty is a social entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has done so much through the #GivingBack initiative by rehabilitating schools, and equipping students with books and other learning materials in her home state of Kano.

In recognition of her work, she was nominated to represent Nigeria at the United Nations General Assembly. She has also handled so many roles at the Presidential Campaign Council, leading women groups, youth groups, field operations, as well as strategic communications operations of the campaign.

So many APC supporters especially youths and women were dumbfounded by the news of the withdrawal of Maryam Shetty from the Senate screening exercise. A very short video had trended on social media, showing Maryam in ‘sujoodush shukur’, thanking Allah SWT for the blessing, and praying fervently for President Tinubu’s success. The withdrawal of Shetty crashed the hopes of APC youths and women, who identified with Maryam as ‘kith & kin’ of the APC struggle of youthful minds, who worked assiduously, day and night, for almost a whole year, for the success of President Tinubu, aka Asiwaju.

What was Maryam’s sin? Being a lady from the North, Kano to be precise? She was full of energy during the campaigns, and well equipped with degrees and certificates, and has proven her worth in delivering her schedules, in the various capacities she has served in, both locally and internationally. These include the numerous functions and positions she held during the campaigns which she handled glaringly well. She was all over the place. Wherever the campaign train berthed, she was there to serve diligently. She is a sterling example of those that ‘suffered’ for the success of the campaigns.

There are hundreds and more, of Shetty’s out there, whom have worked so hard for the success of the Tinubu/ Shettima Presidency, and have been dropped from the list of participants in the Tinubu/ Shettima government. Maryam Shetty got so close but lost out eventually to the machinations of political play. She represented the women and the youths that sweat, worked and huzzled for the success of the campaigns. With people like Maryam Shetty in the cabinet, it would have been a sterling reminder and example of rewarding hardwork and dedication.

APC chieftains, youths, women, and all, would easily find a rallying point and a familiar shed, to identify with, and send their cries to. Her presence would have been an energizer for the APC base of supporters and support groups. She would have been a renewer of their hopes. With the gossip mills running on cabinet reshuffles and other appointments, it is the Maryam Shetty’s and the like that should be considered and given a chance to serve.

2027 politicking is already underway and it won’t be a bad idea to reinvigorate the APC support base and its champions. The government needs persons who are closer to the people, that can get the proper feedback on how to improve on government’s policies and schemes. Mr. President was widely hailed for his political deftness and it won’t be such a bad idea if he pushes his reward system into gear two.


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